Our menus of the moment

    Two formulas in one menu with or without wine/ accompaniments.

    4 course lunch - May 16th to July 2nd

    6 course dinner - May 16th to July 2nd

    Dinner & show at Crazy Horse Paris

    Vegan dinner - May 16th to July 2nd

    Children Menu - May 16th to July 2nd

    Lunch from 2nd of July to end of August

    Dinner from 2nd of July to end of August

    Children Menu from 2nd of July to end of August

    Dinner - April-May 2017

    Lunch - April-May 2017

    Dinner Feb-March 2017

    Lunch Feb-March 2017

    Valentine Dinner 2017

    Dinner Jan-Feb 2017

    TOP CHEF Lunch

    Dinner during 2016 Christmas period

    Dinner nov-dec 2016

    Dinner Sept-Oct 2016

    Dinner July-August 2016

    Dinner May-June 2016

    Dinner April 2016

    Locavore dinner March 2016

    Lunch/Dinner Valentine's day 2016

    Lunch Jan Feb 2016

    Dinner - Jan Feb 2016

    Dinner - starting period 2015

    Lunch - Automn 2015

    Dinner Automn 2015

    Lunch - Summer 2015

    Dinner - Summer 2015

    Lunch - 6 Apr to 9 Jun 2015

    Dinner - 6 Apr to 9 Jun 2015

    Children menu - 6 Apr to 9 Jun 2015

    Lunch 13 Feb - 5 Apr 2015

    Dinner 13 Feb - 5 Apr 2015

    Valentine's day 2015

    Lunch - 5 Jan/13 Feb 2015

    Dinner - 5 Jan/13 Feb 2015

    Christmas Dinner 2014

    Lunch of Autumn 2014

    Dinner of Autumn 2014

    Lunch of summer 2014*

    Dinner of summer 2014*


    The Bustronome’s Philosophy


    A wide variety of flavour and a creative cuisine

    The menu is evolving, and we’re inviting great French chefs to develop our menus to surprise you all year long. A well-researched and inventive cuisine defines the Bustronomie culinary universe. The menus offer tasting formats composed of 4 dishes for a lunch, 6 for a dinner. Midday or evening, there are 2 menus that come with or without their according wines or accompaniments.


    Culinary escape and guaranteed quality

    We serve a unique menu, which is regularly changed to offer fresh seasonal produce. All dishes are inspired by French traditions. The chefs are creative and emphasise quality products.


    Discover the Bustronome’s chefs

    Vincent Thiessé



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